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Desc:Six film directors talk movies for an hour
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:Quentin Tarantino, cinema, ridley scott, directing, the hollywood reporter
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Comment count is 16
"I finished Blade Runner and it was a disaster." - Ridley Scott
infinite zest
"I wish I had stopped directing movies after Three Kings" - David O Russell

"who the fuck invited quentin tarantino" - everyone...

That guy
Thanks for posting this.
It sure didn't change my dislike for Russell and Tarantino, but it was a good watch. A few bits were surprisingly basic, like if you have a good actor, you always want to know what their first instinct is going to be.
infinite zest
At first I thought you meant Kurt Russell and QT, which, judging by the reviews, have been hit-and-miss, but there's no denying that Russell made Death Proof work in a way that few other actors could, and that's something I like about QT. I think it's a little bit pompous for him to say that he "literally resurrected David Carridine" or whatever, but he's good at choosing his cast.

But Russell (O) on the other hand.. I dunno if I can say the same thing. He picks a good cast that he sticks with, but the movies are insufferable and don't do anything for cinema the way that Tarantino, in a way, did, at least with his early stuff.

infinite zest
but then again I haven't watched this yet.. can I expect David and Quinten to get in a mud wrestling match or is that something I need to save for my fan fiction?

That guy
I don't like them, so they could diarrhea-wrestle for all I care.

infinite zest
Oh, Inarritu is in this too? Ugh. I'm pretty sure I posted a video for the Birdman trailer on here where I said it was probably going to be the best movie of the year, so I guess I was right, but in retrospect it was really pretentious and stupid when I watched it a second time. I could really give two fucks about any of these directors, but I'll probably still watch this so I can give three or four fucks.

infinite zest
(actually I said in the video that Birdman was one of the best films I've ever seen, I promise to not go back and edit that out of my description).

That guy
I'm going to have to disagree with you there, too.
I though Birdman had a few flaws but was excellent.

infinite zest
The cinematography was amazing, for sure, but I just think I would've liked it more without all the V-effect stuff, like "is he just insane or does he have real superpowers" and the ultimate allegory for what it's like the be an actor. It's interesting but I kind of wish it was just a straight-up washed-up/burnt-out Superhero, like Watchmen or something, cutting out all the play-within-a-play stuff.

Plus Almodovar does these things better than Inarritu, and when I heard about his horror movie The Skin I Live In a year or two earlier, I thought it'd end up the same way given his prior output, but instead it was just a straight-up psychological horror movie, no big metaphor being shoved down the audience's throat. That being said, I'm probably going to see Revenant sometime this week. :)

That guy
Revenant is not great as a film or story.
It's awesome as a movie, but that's about it.

infinite zest
Ugh.. I actually watched it and I was pretty much right- please save me Saint Tarantino from this horrible life I have as a sometimes-extra on Portlandia! I couldn't go it without you! I'll be awaiting your movie being available on TPB so I can watch it in glorious xCam on my LG monitor. Ridley Scott seems pretty cool though.

That being said, best movie of the year was Mad Max Fury Road or Sicario; more movies need to be like those.

That guy
It's like we're having a conversation in parallel here.

infinite zest
Also I listened to this like I would a podcast, kinda getting to sleep; did the host keep interrupting everybody or was that an editing thing? I'm not going to watch this again, but to quote Chuck D burn hollywood burn. Yall suck

That guy
I can't even...

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