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Desc:France spends m to prove that slick production doesn't compensate for bad everything else.
Category:Trailers, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Evolution, CGI, wtf france, Hominid, mo-cap
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infinite zest
Nice subtle Obama reference. Jeez.
"Do I look like a Kenyan?" in which he references his ability to run.

(Red Letter Media "OH MAHY GAAAAAD!" sample)

What's the deal with the main character always having his right arm stuffed down his pants?
The main character's a self-insert of the director, who lost the use of his right arm in some kind of auto accident.

Well, I was going to make a masturbation joke, but now that just seems mean.

That's really....awkward.

Sanest Man Alive
This movie is clearly establishing the genesis of Al Bundy's family tree.

Here's another trailer:

In which the "Lion King" intro is sampled but with rhino-giraffes, cheetah-rabbits (and presumably crocoducks). And then there's the end...
Oh wow.
Journey to the ancient past, when Man talked too goddamn fast and had a really annoying voice, and nothing he said matched his lip movements.
That guy
I feel that same mix of visual disgust, second hand embarrassment, and "How in the fuck did this get made, and who thought it would turn a profit?" as I did when I saw the Delgo trailer 8 years ago.
Orangina:The Movie!!!

just in case you hadn't seen the sneak preview trailer back in '07


Rodents of Unusual Size
At least it isn't the story of Noah so I tell myself it's a step up.


An evolutionary step up! Huh? Huh?
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