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Desc:'these things' meaning those mom jeans
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:mormon, ABOMINATION, hard to find mormon video week, important life lesson, dirty sex
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Binro the Heretic
How did living on a farm out in the country become so closely associated with wholesomeness?

I grew up in farm country and, sure, they showed up for service every Sunday, attended church functions, spoke out against sin, hated gay people, etc. But there was a whole lot of depraved shit that went on behind the scenes.
Killer Joe
The first part fixes the second part.

"The city is decadent and depraved" is an old trope in the Bible. It's pretty much what Soddom and Gamorrah boil down to.

infinite zest
But that was back in the days before milking machines that didn't stop until they had 30 gallons..

Oscar Wildcat
Welp, enuf moralizin' fer naw. Imma gonna go fuck your six moms and preach revolution against the Federal government.
I think that was a typo, did you mean sisters, instead of moms?

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I didn't know that farmgirls had such elaborate hairstyles.
Her body is not her own, so that's GOD'S hairstyle, you heathen.

They don't make porn like this anymore.
If she was in Williamsburg around 2010 she'd be on the cutting edge of American street fashion.
That guy
Jesus Christ, he paid the price. [clap]
Jesus Christ, he paid the price. [clap]
Jesus Christ, he paid the price. [clap]
Jesus Christ, he paid the price. [clap]
Jet Bin Fever
Thanks dad! I'm still going to get laid, but now I'll just feel guilty about it!
'These Pretzels Are an Abomination and Are Making Me Thirsty'
Caminante Nocturno
Just answer her goddamn question, you patronizing asshole.
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