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Desc:One of the most disgraceful onfield moments in NFL history. Horrible football infinity.
Category:Sports, Horror
Tags:football, NFL, Cincinnati, mental healthcare system, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?
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Comment count is 27
I love football

but it's a violent sport by it's nature

you can punish Burfict and Suh and the other players the cross whatever magical lines exist but it doesn't make the NFL rule book any clearer or better or the game less violent
That guy
I've heard from a few ex-NFLers that a dogpile is just a place to try to gouge eyes out, to this day.

I actually think NFL might be worse than MMA. At least you get to try to defend yourself in MMA.

infinite zest
Yeah, I'm watching this wondering what's going on.. doesn't this happen in basketball and rugby all the time? Anyway go Seahawks or Packers.

infinite zest
I'm way out of my element here as I don't really know football outside of Tecmo Bowl, but I caught some of the Packers Redskins game yesterday and there was a lot of very intentional pushing and shoving on the field. I guess if you're paid a million dollars to make or deflect a catch you should know how not to do this though.

In rugby and australian rules football head high contact is a major no-no. You get rubbed out for weeks and fined a great deal of your income, which for NFL players would equate to a fine of nearly a million dollars. I like NFL the game, but I hate the concept that they will all wear body armour and try to kill each other - since instead of ruling out illegal contact, they just all adopted body armour. I don't quite understand this mentality, and it says a lot about Americans in my eyes.

Rugby and Aussie Rules manage a hard physical game without all of the concussion. I'm not so naive to say that it doesn't happen, it does, but both of these codes work very hard to completely extract it from their game, at all levels of professional, amateur and junior sport. NFL games seem to have at least 3 people per game being sidelined due to failing a concussion test, not to mention ligament ruptures, but that is getting side tracked.

I don't know how you change the culture of NFL since it is so completely off the ethical bandwagon it's not funny. Pity such a great concept of a tactical physical and skilful game had to be ruined with unnecessary violence.

Also, that is an awesome hit, and it tickles my testosterone, and my cognitive dissonance troubles me.

infinite zest
I went to a Rugby game a long time ago when I was visiting my family down in Canberra.. I can't remember the teams but it was the most fun I've had at a sports game, and that includes the Super Bowl, which I somehow wound up going to. I'm happy that Portland brought home the MLS this year, but those soccer games don't have the same vibe as a Rugby match. It's just like being in a bar and everybody's drunk and rowdy, not knowing what was going on. Rugby on the other hand, you'll probably turn out sitting next to Resident Rugby Professor, who is also drunk. I'd be happy to see Pro Rugby become the next big thing, if they could use the same stadium, and I'd even buy season tickets!

rugby union is a fairly classist game, at least in this country, rugby league being for the plebs, both are very different and yet similar games. aussie rules football is far superior in my eyes, and the least famous of all the football codes - unless you count GA. you can get the odd dickhead at the ground, not to forget masses of uneducated die-hards but it is sport after all. i would love to see aussie rules turn into an international football game and see the game evolve with new input.

Yeah. Maybe causing head injuries shouldn't be a game.
What was that study done that said every single football player brain they examined had evidence of cte? It really shouldn't.

not every player, only 87 out of 91!

the 4 not brain damaged were backup kickers.

Kid Fenris
But but but the refs didn't call that ugly hit that knocked out Giovani Bernard! That was what set Burfict off in the first place! Go Bengals!

At least the fans took it well:

http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2016/01/10/6-arrested-ass aults-during-bengals-game/78590842/
Thanks Obama.

And now a 'thing' here seems to be the '1/09/16 Truth Movement' which claims Antonio Brown faked a concussion/Burfict was just performing a standard tackle 'the officials and the media twisted', corrupt officials, a Pittsburgh coach who shouldn't have been on the field, etc.

http://www.wcpo.com/sports/football/bengals/thousands-signing- petition-calling-for-bengals-steelers-game-investigation

I need to get outta this town.
The most offensive thing here is the field goal line added to the field. The screen is cluttered with enough garbage. I can barely see this guys body ragdolling to the ground through all this shit!
infinite zest
I remember back in the 90s when hockey fans rejected the neon tracking line that they put in for NHL on Fox; that actually helped a Hockey Luddite like myself understand what was going on vs. a bunch of adult ice skaters, but I can easily see a football being thrown. Now it's all drones and such. I wonder if someone's ever punted or passed and hit those things.

Back when The Matrix came out, I think they were talking about using that same technology for replays. Did that ever happen? Because that'd be cool. But david bowie trent reznor

infinite zest
ha must've copied and pasted by accident, but the call stands!

They did. It kinda was.

infinite zest
Oh yeah, I guess I do remember some replays that spun around really quickly, but it wasn't the sort of cinematographic epicness I'd imagined. But then again I liked XFL, not NFL.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
"Vontaze Burfict" sounds like one of the people who used to fill my email inbox with spam about a decade ago.
That guy
Key & Peele name

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I'm too effeminate to give a shit about football, but don't these guys hit harder today than they did in the early days of the sport because all of that armor gives them the incentive to pummel the crap out of the other guy? Without all that armor the tackler is going to suffer just as much as the guy getting tackled, right?
early (very early) research indicates that football without pads and helmets is indeed safer and better in regards to brain health

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I've heard opinions that rugby is safer than football because the tackling is typically knees and ankles-focused, and, since there's no blocking allowed, nobody really gets to do too much open-field running, making it generally less brutal. Rugby players are typically missing teeth and earlobes, but I'd still buy it.

infinite zest
I was watching a bit of the Packers game yesterday and was wondering why they still have that weird football robot thing for all the bumps between commercials. I'll bet those exosuits are going to be the next wave.

surprised no one has died on live tv yet
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