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Desc:What the Internet was made for: Random zoomed close-ups of a duck to the tune of Smokey Robinson
Category:Pets & Animals, Arts
Tags:Ducks, smokey robinson, RealDuck, slow jam, mandarin duck
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Comment count is 12
Over 200,000 views. I'm just picturing all these old ladies going like "Oh, isn't that lovely!"
And I say let them. This isn't like those free-to-play mobile games (aimed at people like them who don't normally play games) that are actively harming games as a whole with their insidious IAPs around which the game is balanced so it's shitty unless you pay - IAPs that are leaking into mainstream paid games as well.

Boomer The Dog
That would be my mom, she had a folder with kitty pictures, and at the end of her computer time she'd flip through the pictures to gaze on beauty. Gustov was her favorite, a chubby tom with rounded paws like Garfield's, but she had kittens in there too.

I guess this was a good respite for her since she had to live with a couple of Dogs (Yoder Spitz and me).


fuck a duck
That guy
needs RealDuck tag
Your wish is my command

To be fair this is an amazing duck.
infinite zest
What an age to be a duck
Nice duck.

I adopted a dog yesterday. Just thought I'd share that in a pets & animals thread.

Not a reply. I was hypnotized. Congrats though.


My mom would adore this. Sending it to her, STAT.
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