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Desc:Click "original" for a playlist of all 35 chapters. The best version.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Snake, brad neely, harry potter, Alan Rickman, Wizard People Dear Reader
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Comment count is 10
I hate Harry Potter, but I loved this.
infinite zest
Haven't read it, haven't seen it, but my girlfriend seems to like it, or at least she has a something something Hogwart Ave. sign next to a little TARDIS.. I guess I did sort of watch a few parts or at least hear them; my old rommate's girlfriend was also into it and roped him into watching all of them in a row, or at least all of them that were out, in a night.

But I will say this, it was a book that kids read because their friends were reading it, so in some circles if you didn't read it and didn't know what happens to Harry And The Gang then you weren't cool. And unlike movies, TV shows or video games, everybody had access to their local library so the only excuse would be that it was checked out, not that you were the poor kid. In the long run that's a bad message, but I learned to read via everything that wasn't checked out already, and I never fit in, and for the most part still feel like I don't, in society, relationships, etc. Harry Potter's all about fitting in!

Two Jar Slave
Why'd you hate Harry Potter? It's good YA fiction. Was it just a decade's worth of overexposure?


infinite zest
God these are so so so good. Just gets better after this one.
Two Jar Slave
Is this related to the Guide to the Lord of the Rings video that popped up here a while ago?
infinite zest
No, that was Neil Cicierega, so very close! Brad Neely is probably best known for China IL, but I never listened to these before. Maybe the two of them should form like voltron or something.

Two Jar Slave
Oh, wait, this is the same guy who did the America Now cartoons? What an unexpected transition into this!

Mister Yuck
He did this first, at least ten years ago. It's a certified classic now.

Two Jar Slave
Oh yeah, so it is. I dumb.

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