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Desc:Guy gains access to internet security camera, proceeds to fuck with family.
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:security camera, trolling, change your password
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Comment count is 30
TeenerTot - 2016-01-18
The camera has a speaker?

I'm having trouble deciding if this is really creepy or hilarious.
5 stars!
RocketBlender - 2016-01-18
I can't decide either. I feel a little bad for the kid, hopefully they still feel safe in their own home.

Jesus Christ, the youtube comments on this one are sickening.
"TheSmoothGrind 3 weeks ago
Should of did it middle of the night..... see that slutty milf nude maybe. Beg my pard."

RocketBlender - 2016-01-18
"thebangbros2013 4 weeks ago
Wish she was barefoot in those tight jeans"

Almost missed that one. What the fuck, youtube?

StanleyPain - 2016-01-18
I have a camera like this in my house just to keep an eye on my cats when I'm gone for a long period of time and yeah it has a two-way speaker. Never really used it, though.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-01-18
Oh, that's an easy question Teener. These folks set up an internet capably camera in their house, and did little if anything to lock it down. That moves the ball clearly into "hilarious" zone.

And look, there are a boatload of related clips! Thank you Scrimm, and the Internet of Things, for bringing these wonderful clips to us!

Old_Zircon - 2016-01-18
I took a quick peek at TheSmoothGrind's channel, he seems like a horrible person but I was surprised to see no direct evidence of imageboard affiliations. Looks like the Youtube prank video community has spawned its own native breed of horrible people similar to but distinct from Redditors and *channers.

Scrimmjob - 2016-01-18
Some of the guys who do this are pretty gross, and immediately unleash profanity and nasty racial stuff on people. This guy and another youtuber called sausarge tend to be pretty good.

baleen - 2016-01-18
For a thing I was working on I downloaded Tor and went on some of the onion sites where people share CC numbers and sell drugs and precursors and shit. There is a huuuuge community of absolutely awful people that trade this kind of stuff, in the same vein as the webcam hackers who share personal hacks, preferably of women alone and naked, with each other. It's impossible to police this activity, but these people really should all fucking burn in hell.

I don't find this funny or amusing at all. I want to 5 star it for evil but... whatever.

kingarthur - 2016-01-18
This is funny for about five minutes just for the reactions. When introduced to The Police at the end and then learning of a whole community of this kind of pranking behavior and surveillance of vulnerable people, it becomes a lot less endearing.

EvilHomer - 2016-01-18
"We are the dead," he said.

"We are the dead," echoed Julia dutifully.

"You are the dead," said an iron voice behind them.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-01-19
"Where is that toy?" Winston asked.

"Where is that toy?" echoed Julia dutifully.

"Parapapapapapa (fart) NIGGER!!!!!!" said the pimply faced russian teen, his voice tinny and crackling over the cheap chinese made 16 ohm speaker.

EvilHomer - 2016-01-19
Even our dystopian surveillance devices are going down the Idiocracy route... :(

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-01-18
This person is a hero performing a public service. A little terror is a small price to pay for teaching people to change their goddamn default passwords.

The speaker/camera combo makes this more fun than messing with peoples routers, but not by a ton.
baleen - 2016-01-18
Hacking a cam has nothing to do with passwords.

Scrimmjob - 2016-01-18
These guys, at least the couple of youtube guys I've been watching, claim that these cameras are unprotected, and that they aren't actually hacking properly protected cams. I guess if there is a notable difference between those two things is up for debate.

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-01-18
There's not really a difference. Unprotected = unchanged default behavior in most cases.

You're thinking of cracking protected wifi, which is typically way douchier.

Scrimmjob - 2016-01-18
yeah, these fellas gain access by using the default passwords, I guess there are other ways to do it. Some cameras have shitty firmware that will give up your info if they are manipulated properly, I was reading a little about it but it was going way over my head.

Bootymarch - 2016-01-18
I think this is all edward snowden does in his free time anymore.
Scrimmjob - 2016-01-18
There is this website shodan.io which is a search engine for devices, it is extremely easy to search for these cameras, and then you just have to try a bunch until you find some unprotected ones. It's kind of a creeper thing to do, but I find it fascinating. So far I've found a nail salon, some really gross house in my city, a woodpile cam, a cam in someones basement fixed on their sump pump. I should really just stop looking around for these, because watching people is a pretty gross thing to do.
fedex - 2016-01-18
11:15 for hilarity creepiness factor
oddeye - 2016-01-18
I can't imagine what discovering that at least 1 person was watching me would do to me. Were they watching me do my taxes? What are they doing with footage of me beating it to a picture of my jailbait sister in law? Does everyone know? Is this why I can't stop heaing laughter behind my back and whenever I close my eyes?

This isn't funny at all.
ashtar. - 2016-01-18
If it makes you feel any better, you are the poe poster I would least like to witness the intimate life of.

oddeye - 2016-01-18
Oh? To me that just says you would become obsessed with me and hate yourself every moment of your life for it. You would spend your nights tearfully watching me while you lick your computer screen and furiously tug at your infantile erection.

"Oddeye, do you know? I'm so scared to tell you. You MUST know, why else would you fish stale lucky charms out of your tattered boxers? Oddeye, look at me, look at me, can you see me? I need you oddeye, I can't do this anymore. LOOK AT ME oddeye, just FUCKING LOOK AT ME! Can you see me oddeye? I can see you, I can see everything oddeye. Fuck me oddeye. Look at me while my boypussy is abused. I'm doing this for you oddeye, my insides are bleeding for you. Can you see me oddeye? Can you see how red my stool is? I can't do this anymore oddeye. You must know... you have to know."

- ashtar.

EvilHomer - 2016-01-18
Do you have any pics of that sister-in-law?

ashtar. - 2016-01-19
Yeah. See, that's the sort of thing that makes me not want to know what you're up to in your free time.

ashtar. - 2016-01-19
Also, yes, sister-in-law pix plz.

oddeye - 2016-01-19
You don't want to know sooooo bad that you've mentioned it twice now.

spikestoyiu - 2016-01-18
When I was younger, my brother and I turned on our sister's baby monitor and heard another family talking. We were able to determine who it was, looked their name up in the phone book, and started fucking with them based on what they were saying at the time. I thought that was hilarious and maybe that's why I think this is pretty funny. Or maybe I'm just terrible.
theSnake - 2016-01-18
the only good use of a Police song ever? And do NOT say ill be missing you.
chumbucket - 2016-01-19
Paratrolling Activity
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