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Desc:Mexican Chop Suey, mmm!
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:food, 50s, 1950s, chop suey
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 14
God there were things my parents made when I was a kid that were just fucking vile and inedible. Like jello salad. They used green jello, not the red jello like they show here. I don't even know what flavor the green jello was or even if it was jello at all, it was green jello with bits of julienne carrots and cabbage in it and it was disgusting.
infinite zest
My parents make a variation on that jello dish at the end every Thanksgiving. One year they were basically doing four thanksgivings over who knows how long and the thing melted on one of their foreign exchange students in a heated car. So he had to make an impression, looking like he just had his period, in front of my brother's family members who didn't speak to each other, and he spoke little English. Poor guy.. that's Thanksgiving for ya!

But I still love my grandma's Chickpea Creole recipe. Every year my parents ask me where I'd like to go for my birthday and every year I just ask my mom to make that Chickpea Creole recipe, that I'm happier at home and seeing them than any restaurant. But I'll take that Hamms.

About a decade ago I picked up a copy of The Hot Dog Cookbook from '55 or '56. It has about 300 recipes made with hot dogs, including a dessert chapter with hot dog jello.

I have vague horrible memories of meat set in gelatin (aspic) but that might be just something I read about...
Head cheese is still sold in stores today. My cousin worked in a head cheese plant for a day. Then quit. Vile stuff.

good head cheese is great.

it's like, lets grab some of the tastiest bits of an animal, and freeze them in some broth jello.

This is the only kind of food my ex-girlfriend's mother knows how to make. It is vile and awful. And she leaves food out for her cats everywhere, on counters, on the floor, on the chairs, EVERYWHERE.
The thing I don't get about hipsters is why they try their hardest to look like a brother and sister. When they are fucking does this never enter their thoughts?
hmm i dunno, goyim

Crunchy Frog
That knockoff of a Welsh Rabbit isn't just a 50's thing. Using basic canned soup as a substitute for key ingredients has always figured into "cheap and lazy" cuisine.
Poverty and war rations also figure into it.

Anyway, chop suey literally means "leftovers" in Cantonese.

Preload is enough of this guy for a lifetime.
Man, 2:46. John Green Jr. over there is really trying to earn himself an ACTING! tag.
My 70's childhood meals consisted of a regular weekly rotation of cube steak, goulash, steak-ums, tuna casserole, le choy chop suey in a can and the occasional chef boyardee pizza. None of which, as an adult, I've prepared at home since.
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