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Desc:I don't understand context here but it's nice to know the US doesnt have monopoly on excessive force
Category:Crime, Military
Tags:action, excessive force, apartheid
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Comment count is 4
The Mothership - 2016-01-21
Whatever you do, don't shoot out those tires.
SolRo - 2016-01-21
Probably trying to murder the occupants for not paying a bribe.

I wish I were being facetious.
Binro the Heretic - 2016-01-22
Jesus, all the civilians, including small children, barely dodging the car. The cop shooting even with innocent people in the background.

I've tried looking up the story to see what the suspects did to warrant such a desperate dangerous capture, but all I can find is the suspects described as "armed robbers".

I've never understood the motivations behind high-speed chases.
unknown_specimen - 2016-01-22
Everyone I know from South Africa eventually tells me how bad their police are. The worst part is the police are much better now than they were 20 years ago.
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