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Hooker - 2016-01-25

Oh God I'm old.

glasseye - 2016-01-26

Damn kids and your pokey mans.

infinite zest - 2016-01-26

I remember talking to a friend of mine who's about 10 years younger than me about where we were on 9/11.. I was desperately trying to contact my brother who lived in Manhattan at the time while he was asking his mom why Pokemon wasn't on.

Rosebeekee - 2016-01-25

I was hoping the ad would advertise something new, like the next gen games, or the new app that's supposed to come out this year and blow all our minds away. Instead it's basically an ad reminding people the franchise is still around.

Still a cute ad though.

infinite zest - 2016-01-26

I'd be surprised if this is the only superbowl ad; I watched last year because of the Seahawks and there were a bunch of "teaser" commercials for a big reveal later on, which is a smart move: to the majority of football fans, Pokemon's 20th anniversary means as much as D&D's 40th anniversary in 2014, so this one hooks them in the 1st quarter (or at least hooks their kids who finally have a reason not to be bored watching football and car/beer commercials with dad) and then "NOW BUY THIS" somewhere in the 3rd quarter: dad's head falls into his hands: it was just Christmas, The Broncos are down 34-14, and now the kid's no longer interested in the Xbox One.

I might hate marketing in general but that's pretty genius.

Old_Zircon - 2016-01-25

This is obviously psyops to prepare the population for the coming invasion.

The Mothership - 2016-01-25

You're right. Sigh.

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-01-25

I'm almost certain that the music in this commercial is from the Mortal Kombat movie.

chumbucket - 2016-01-26

"I'm watchin' sis go pitter-pat, said I can do that, I can do that.."

infinite zest - 2016-01-26

I'm not sure if I get the message here: is "You can do that" implying that the kid can do all the things that the other kids are doing, or just that he can be good at a video game like these kids are at the sports they're playing?

And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with playing a game; I've never played it but a couple of my clients do so I'm constantly learning along with them, and I've learned that Pokemon is something that I could NOT do, just like Magic, Settlers, even Monopoly. But the implication here seems to be that kids will find the same fame and fortune as the others in this video. Who knows? Maybe some elite players do, and I'm talking out my ass about things I don't know about, but I don't really see a connection between what the other kids are doing and walking around town collecting monsters.

Hell, we used to have Pokemon when I was a kid, it was called going outside and finding crawdaddys and other interesting bugs in the creek.

infinite zest - 2016-01-26

Or to put it another way, it's about as realistic as me thinking my pinball enthusiasm and general badassery at it (yes I consider it a sport) might some day get me into the Olympic Games. I do it for fun, and that's it.

Seven Arts/H8 Red - 2016-01-26

The perfect opportunity to fold Neil Cicierega into this franchise's promotional push, and the commercial blew that opportunity.

Cena_mark - 2016-01-26

Pokemon is dumb. I'm glad I've never played a Pokemon game.

EvilHomer - 2016-01-26

Same here. I've still studied Pokemon trivia, you know, so I can talk to girls, but hell if I'd be such a dork that I'd actually play one of those games!

EvilHomer - 2016-01-26

YES, talk to girls. Any girl worth talking to knows all kinds of shit about Pokemon. They will quiz you on it. FACT.

infinite zest - 2016-01-27

Homie's right: I was with this girl who I'd like to call my girlfriend now (if I can get certain demons out of my head) and we were just talking in bed about nuclear annihilation and being the last two people, etc. and I said something about Deathclaws. I immediately apologized like "sorry I'm a nerd" and she was like "I know exactly what you mean" and I was like "cool!" I have a feeling the same thing applies to Pokemon.

Dr Robot - 2016-01-27

lol, EvilHomer...

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