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Desc:I think we should join a kazoo class to combat the recent infighting
Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:kazoo, vine, kazoo week
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Comment count is 14
Haven't we been infighting since like 1996?
If we were the kind of people who could get along with others, we wouldn't be here.

That guy
^for Ragamuffin
(also, fuck you Ragamuffin, you fucking asshole)

It's not my fault. It's Homer's. He's always saying crazy things. It's always something insulting towards Steven Universe, Applejack, or Flutterhugger.
When have I ever said anything insulting about any of those things?!

Maybe we should join a kazoo class to combat Revisionist History.

oh jesus don't start

I support the Kazoo Accord of 2016.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Flutterhugger sounds like a gay epithet.

Kazoo Kid is amazing. He must have more friends than anyone I know.

I could go back and find tons of derogatory things you've said on those subjects Homer. You've had nothing but hate especially for Steven Universe, claiming it's plagaristic.

That's not hate, that's a fact. At worst it is, to quote Davis Aurini, a "hate fact". It's plagiarized everything from Sailor Moon to Tiger Mask!

RoUS - actually, that's sort of what it is. Cena maintains that Fluttershy should be lesbian 'shipped with Tree Hugger, which is NOT true and frankly pretty dang homophobic. Everyone knows that the canon ship is Flutterdash.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I love that I live in an age where manly men can argue about lesbian ponies on a magic box. It just makes me proud to be American.

That guy
classic double act

Well, polysexual ponies. Rainbow seems to be almost exclusively lesbian, but a case could be made that Fluttershy likes colts and mares equally (also, she's clearly into zoophilia).


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