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Desc:a gruff recounting
Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Goober, white people, monotone, facebook, YouTube comments
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I will start;
throat clearing
You went out there to play cowboy and now someone got hurt taking it too seriously.
killed I mean

Yeah, I don't really get this guy. In his mind, The Movement (tm) should consist of people with just enough passion to go and do the stupid thing, but not so much passion that they go and do the slightly more stupid thing.

It's the Goldilocks Passion Dilemma.

Every singe youtube comment is some idiot calling this guy a plant/undercover agent/snitch, etc. (Excellent internet detective work guys! You've solved the case!)

Epistemic closure is, I think, both the essential, and most damaging, feature of conspiracy bullshit.
Yer free with yer commas

I love symbolic logic, but I've come to see random noise filtered through the animal nervous system as the most powerful way of human thought.

"If S leads to P and P causes emotion Q then any relation to S must be indistinguishable from Q and must be destroyed because P is the same as FEAR and roll 2D6 + 5 for damage if you fail a saving throw versus infinite recursion now flip a coin to see who serves first then panic and run for it."

Bertrand Russell would have had me assassinated, proving my point. We are all cats in a car with the windows rolled up, experiencing the horn for the first time.

We were idiots and this idiot got shot so let's keep being idiots.
NEVAR LEARN 01/26!!!!

You have to admit: it has a certain elegant consistency.

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