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Desc:I swear this is on here aready but I can't find it.
Tags:mozart, classical music, dutch people, elle yana, Zendrum
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That guy
That guy
also "classical music" tag
" "

I know, opera doesn't really qualify as "classical."

That guy
...yeah.....THAT'S what I meant.....

Adham Nu'man
Who is the target audience for this?
Born in the RSR
Us, we're the target audience.

Folks on the fence about joining ISIS.


I like it

Whenever I post something like this you can assume there's at least a 30% chance I found it by searching for [noun]+Finland and clicking through related videos a few times.

Adham Nu'man
Finland must be a looney toons kind of place.

I loved this, by the way. She seems so genuinely excited, and the camera constantly focuses on the bass playing that one marvelous note. Amazing.

Finland is almost always a good search term.

At my first job in 10th grade my boss was an elderly, accordion autodidact from Finland and she pretty much sold me on it as a major untapped source of weirdness even back then. I think it has to do with the something like 7 months of darkness every year.

All that said, though, I just Googled Elle Yana and it turns out she's actually from the Netherlands.

Cyriak's really slipping of late.
Seen this before. And POE is the only audiovisual "entertainment" I've consumed for the last decade. So either it's here or we've collectively hallucinated.
wtf japan

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