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Desc:Keiko and Miles just can't get it together.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, recut, TNG, chief obrien, keiko
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Comment count is 20
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
How is Keiko so unattractive?
Transporter accident.

I always thought she was pretty.

That guy
It was her *looks* that bothered you, and not the fact that she's a cardboard cutout of a difficult woman?

Two Jar Slave
Hey now, let's not forget about her other vital character trait: being Japanese.

That guy
This was a good refresher on why I never wanted to watch them.
Holy shit, I forgot about this other terrible, horrible aspect of the unwatchable DS9.

Every now and then I think I should watch some old episodes with Quark in them and then I remember how shitty everything else about it was.
Monkey Napoleon
Nobody likes me because I think Voyager is the superior show out of the two.

At least the premise of Voyager doesn't read like the boring parts of the Star Wars prequels.

Garak was really cool also. I think he may be the most interesting Star Trek character of all.

Two Jar Slave
DS9 was a great show, and I will fight you with my fists, a chain I found, and these knife-tipped dance shoes.

Yeah, dude, a massive intergalactic conflict involving dynamic characters whose relationships and priorities evolve over time sounds way less exciting than Janeway's aimless, plodding slog through the No Consequences Quadrant.

Monkey Napoleon
Captain Jazz Jesus and the recycled characters crew wring their hands over politics that all happen off screen and in snippets during "Star Trek Episode Template #15"

It's all the same shit, "dude", and 2 Datas > 0 Datas.

Hegemony Cricket
\==============_=_/ ____.---'---`---.____
\_ \ \----._________.----/ *
\ \ / / `-_-'________ _________* ~ +++++++++
__,--`.`-'..'-_ ~*:ADULTHOOD :
/____ || * +++++++++
`--.____,-' * *
That guy

Rodents of Unusual Size
I always really wanted to like Keiko, but she never really added anything to the show at all. She had zero chemistry with Miles and he really should have left her for Bashir in like season 2.
Keiko is basically there to give Miles something to lose. She basically exists to raise the stakes in any O'Brein episode.

Two Jar Slave
She was sorely misused when she was just a damsel in distress, but I don't remember that happening too often. She was best used when she, like Miles, was a sort of 'social everyperson', the normal day-to-day folk who suffered the consequences of whatever weird event was happening. That's why I liked her as the one-room school teacher, but that didn't last long.

I also thought she was great in the episode where Miles thinks there's a conspiracy because everyone is acting slightly off toward him, especially his wife, but it turns out they're actually creeped the heck out by the fact that he doesn't know he's an evil clone.

The Chief O'Brien at work series has a few Keiko episodes.

also, this is appropriate

http://trekcore.com/gallery/albums/keiko_obrian/disaster279.jp g

I won't post links to the fan art I found.

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