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Category:News & Politics
Tags:trump, 2016 election
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Comment count is 17
I was expecting the title to be more literal.
Forgot the stars

He is clearly drunk off his ass.
Two Jar Slave
He sounds like a drunk guy pleading his female friend to finally have sex with him, modulating between thinly-veiled bribes and poor attempts at bravado.

He will wake up alone in the morning.

He gets into his golden elevator in a building with his name on it and asks someone to find out how many retweets he got last night.

Have you ever seen a drunk person? The Trumpster doesn't even drink.

infinite zest
Yeah I've never known a drunk person who talked like this, and I spent many a christmas with my drunk right-wing in-laws. I actually wish he would have a few, take the edge off, and challenge Putin to a game of beer pong or something. Beer pong solves most problems; everyone's a winner!

If he isn't drunk then he's drunk on himself, or having some kind of stroke.

I think he's drunk though.

Hahahaha. Loss is turning him into The Diceman.
So basically his problem is he works blue and that turned off the panties-in-a-wad evangelical crowd?
To be fair though, the evangelical crowd will go with anyone who can play-act the word "Jesus" convincingly enough while giving them a metaphorical loving blowjob with eye contact. Hence Cruz.

infinite zest
Are there (or have there ever been) any rules for cussin' at rallies? I think in actual debates I've only heard "damn" (from both Sanders and Trump) but I think rallies (at least at this stage) are off the FCC grid.

American Standard
Watching this clown come in damn near third in Monday's caucus was better than a chocolate milkshake.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Trump Lannister for King of the Fifty States!

He'll cross the Narrow Sea and make a deal with KHALISIS like you wouldn't even believe! We need to firebomb the SHIT out of the Iron Islanders! He's going to build another ice wall and get the wildlings to pay for it! And he'll do it! You know what they say about Trump Lannister, he practically shits gold, even after the mines ran out.

Don't give me your Huckabee Baratheon with his evil sorceress Carly Fiorinasandre. Or Sanders Oakheart, Randfinger, or that dumb High Cruzparrow. No. Give me Trump for King or no one at all! My sword to his! And may the rest all go to the Seven Hells!
That guy
whatever, nerd

Hey great! The first presidential candidate to sound like a stand up comedy act every time he speaks!
Isn't this what is already happening? Also in the war on terror.
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