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Desc:A woman is possessed by a centaur spirit and her body is transformed into a demonic shape.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Skeleton, crunch, centaur, body horror, Transformation fetish
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Comment count is 11
Despite the disturbing nature it's actually pretty well done.
Considering it was done with one hand.

But don't give the guy (it's definitely a guy) to much credit, this looks like all third party Daz 3d assets.

infinite zest
It reminds me a lot of late 90s PC game CGI

Born in the RSR
This is some next level fetish creep.
Oh. Kay.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is hardcore POE red days right here.
infinite zest
Actually one of the less creepy videos on this person's channel.. 5 for.. yeah.

That guy
too scared to go confirm this

infinite zest
Oh yeah, in case you do take the red pill it's VERY NSFW, although it is censored. So beware.. :)

Transformation and vore are the two fetishes I will never be able to understand. Not from any kind of armchair psychological pov. I will always be dumbfounded by this insanity.
Humantaurs are one of the best/worst



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