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Desc:This is how NoFap makes you a stronger and more grounded person.
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:masturbation, reggae, nofap, Clasik Obas
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Comment count is 17
no nofap tag?
NoFap is tagged, or are you saying there should be no nofap tag?

i guess i just missed it, and no nofap tag is not a cause im currently willing to endorse

I think Nofap is going to be the MGTOW of 2016.
Two Jar Slave
I agree; 2016 already tastes like a rewarmed, diet leftover of 2015.

My stars are for the song, holy shit.

If you like the song, be sure to check out the rest of his channel.

so it's not just guys who feel like they jerk it too much, there is kind of an anti-women thing in this?
It's related to MGTOW and PUA and MRA.

I never thought someone would hate women so much they'd slap their own dicks out of their own mouths, but here we are.

Although, misogynists hating their own reproductive organs is an improvement on humanity worthy of crediting the Illuminati for.

Clasik is a MGTOW light, and many NoFappers get into the movement because they believe it enhances their PUA game. MGTOWs and PUAs have different goals and values, so the MGTOW NoFappers and PUA NoFappers often come into conflict.

A good example of this conflict can be seen between { 6:12 - 8:30 } NoFappers sometimes refer to the abilities they allegedly gain from not masturbating, like a heightened attractiveness towards women, as "superpowers"; but the question then becomes, what will you use your superpowers for? For good, or for evil?

The debate rages on.

Shanghai Tippytap
i think it requires an unstated belief that pornography is a zionist plot to destroy the white race


It might be worth the $.99 to download Mr. Fap from his web site, to be honest.

infinite zest
too long didn't come
Reason to nofap:
keeping your minerals inside
activate your true male dominance
Clasik Obas 4:38
Precious Bodily Fluids.

Me, I like to spray them all over the place!

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