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Desc:ill advised super bowl ad
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:reverse, no spoilers in tags, ill advised, super bowl ad, colonial williamsburg
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Comment count is 10
Is this about people fussing over the 9-11 imagery or something? We really need to take away the power of that moment, it only brings out the worst in us.
? I watched the whole video a couple times, and I didn't see any imagery based on the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Wouldn't playing all these backwards be the most UN-American thing ever?
It's funny Alrigjt
infinite zest
I've never been to CW but I always wanted to be the town drunk or something. I assume you get to drink at work for authenticity sake?
I know a guy who played a bartender. He says he's never had better tips, pulling down several thousand a night.

Maggot Brain
Margaret Thatcher had ads like this.
Thatcher has been rebranded as a hero just like Reagan, so that's a compliment now.

infinite zest
Wait.. why would CW acknowledge all of these things? I always thought the whole shtick was that it was still Colonial Times, where accidentally exposing a tattoo, wristwatch or even a hole where your ear was once pierced or breaking character in any way was grounds for termination. So to them, 9/11 never happened, nor did the Civil War, or anything after 17th century or so. So why would they go with this type of advertising?
"Our heart"


oh LOL
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