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Desc:I think Ethan touched a nerve.
Category:Business, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:youtube, drama, copyright, NO U
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Comment count is 19
As pointed out by multiple Youtube commenters, at 0:53 you can see the browser extensions he uses to download people's videos without having to bother with the hassle of contacting them for permission/licensing.
infinite zest
Haha that is pretty low. But here's the thing: imagine I post some stupid little video of something and it gets picked up on Reddit, see comments like "what an asshole etc." so I decide to take it down because it's embarrassing/personal/whatever but is mirrored before I got around to it. And then the Reddit one gets some 10mil hits. Do I have any right to complain?

And likewise, if some famous Reactor/Tosh.0 personality ASKED permission to make a video "reacting" to my video (assuming I still left it up in hopes of getting some hits), I said OK, but because of his subscriber rate of thousands vs. my 1 or 2, it once again got 10mil hits and my original's stuck at 1,000, because it just shows the good part and not the whole thing?

Also using AdBlock and has Pirate Bay bookmarked.

As well he should. Don't trust anyone who doesn't use AdBlock and TPB.

infinite zest
True, but I probably wouldn't want to let 20+mil people know that I use TPB either..

Ah, yes, good point. In a crowd of 20 million, there's bound to be a few KAT fanatics just itching for a fight.

Of course I use AdBlock, but I also don't rely on ads to make money.

I actually went to the point of buying a commercial downloader, but I'm not trying to argue against people accusing me of reuploading videos without permission.

Yeah that last line really pushed the point forward bro.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
YouTube drama!
should really be a tag at this point shouldnt it?

Caminante Nocturno
I was going to say that this was the most pathetic thing this person could possibly do, but then I saw that he makes prank videos.
This guy is really punchable
YouTube drama is almost as boring as poe-news drama.
I don't know who these people are or why they're arguing.
infinite zest
The drama, from what I can ascertain, is that Mr. SoFlo downloads trending/viral videos (maybe with a couple hundred thousand hits), downloads them, inserts himself at the beginning like "OMG guys you ever have a day like this?", posts it to facebook, which links back to his own YT channel, thereby circumnavigating the original YT content completely, so he can do more of his stupid staged pranks, whose views (which should be as low as any other prankster) shoot up into the 10s of millions.

So h3h3 called him on this. Technically it's not illegal any more than posting a link to a video on your FB, but it's just a shitty thing to do. That's about as much as I know, but h3h3 has more support so now Mr. SoFlo is upset.

Word on the street is soflo is going to be a test subject for the new Facebook monetary system that they're working on. In other words he's going to be making buku bucks off other peoples videos, if he isn't already.
see: the h3h3 video from yesturday

It's begun to tumble into a tossing game of reaction videos of reactions to each other's reactions.


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