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Desc:TED talk on honesty and gullibility.
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:honesty, TED, liar, infinite zest
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Comment count is 14
Lying is awesome.
unless you're infinite zest. then it's boring and weird.

There's a lot of people Chocolate Jesusing this video.

That guy
I think an explanation is in order.
I'll just counterstar for now.

I don't have any opinion on it. I'm very indifferent to this video. I'm just wondering what inspires this when stuff like "The universe on political correctness" gets universal fives.

I'll go ahead and give my reason: TED talks are almost always self-satisfied preachy sermons, where they try to find REVOLUTIONARY NEW IDEAS (that fit into 20 minute talks) but they're often banal or obvious ideas that have been given a new packaging. The Onion TED talks are perfect summaries of why these things tend to be shit.

I gotta admit: I don't know if this particular talk is crap. I couldn't make it past the 1 minute mark. She had the standard TED talk intro: supposedly clever, but not actually clever in the slightest, all with a self-congratulatory "aren't we all insightful truth-seekers" undertone.

tl:dr Fuck TED talks. Thank you and good night.

That's an interesting theory, Mr Anaxgoras. You should do a TED Talk about that.

That guy
yes, they suck

this particular one was better than most

I was going to 3 or 4 star it, but it got a bunch of 1's.

Oscar Wildcat
Yes, a TED talk about the many ways TED talks can be smug, self congratulatory horseshit. #MetaTED2016

This video was something like an average cracked.com article. By TED Talks standards that makes it a masterpiece.

Five stars because this video might be all right.

Oh my God, thank you all. I thought I was alone in the belief that TED talks were pompous and self-congratulatory. It's the most annoying thing in the world to see them treated like a scientific or academic outlet. Kinda like citing wikipedia.

If you hate TED Talks then you'll like the "Onion Talks" tag; start here:


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