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Desc:Child Death week must continue undisturbed
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:toxic avenger, dramatic lighting, child death, Perfect Soundtrack
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Comment count is 17
Oscar Wildcat
The 80's in microform.
Needs live child death tag you guys are getting smarter tho
Please don't ruin Child Death Week with your negativity.

English to Oog translation:

shut up schwill, can't we at least enjoy child death week? ps gl on dirty mike he stole my gear.

i retract what i say about you idiots getting smarter.

come up on the hill with my motherfucking lock out
thirty damn kids at the motherfucking hop out
hop out hop out
im just tryin to hop out
rosevile murder gang police with their glocks out



i started Child Death Week just sain

also you are SO CLOSE, but you need a child death week tag now

"I gotta go to church."

Binro the Heretic
God, it's been ages since I watched this movie.
infinite zest
I used to have some Toxic Crusaders toys when I was like 8 or 9, so my parents had no problem letting us rent the movies. We just convinced them that it was like Gremlins or Jaws, which were both violent but rated PG, but Toxie didn't pay Hollywood enough money to get a lesser rating (that's good 8 year-old negotiating right there, if not somewhat accurate). We mostly watched them during slumber parties and such, and my friend's dad came in to check on us right around this scene. He was cool, but thank god it wasn't the kid's mom.

sounds like you were a real edgy, raw & authentic 8 year old jesty and that your friend's dad was equally chill. any cool stories about like, a badass granpa or anything?

infinite zest
Not really, my grandpas both died when I was pretty young. But I do remember walking with my grandpa up to his favorite watering hole whenever they were in Portland (via Wisconsin) for Christmas. He'd just give me a roll of quarters and order me a Roy Rogers and I'd go to town on pinball while he got rather ripped with the other day drinkers. My other side of the family was rocked pretty hard when my would-be aunt became one of the US' most well-known cold cases, still open to this day, so besides learning to drive just to take my grandma out for ice cream and some fun other memories, the grandmas weren't quite the badass troublemakers my grandpappies were. :)

Two Jar Slave
Needs the 'dramatic lighting' tag.
The Mothership
Full points!
Did the one chick really say "This is the best acid I've ever taken!"? I really hope so!
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