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Desc:Explanation for how a pyramid scheme works
Category:Business, Crime
Tags:scam, class warfare, Get Rich Quick, pyramid scheme, white collar crime
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Two Jar Slave
I enjoyed this narrator's accent and the video's argument.

-1 star for using 'begs the question' wrong.
Bravo for an intricate, detailed explanation of what used to be called Common Sense
Monkey Napoleon
At no point ever could "basic critical thinking" be fairly called common sense.

Oscar Wildcat
Good advice but nowhere is a pyramid scheme explained.
Yeah true. He only described something like a Ponzi scheme, except without needing to pay anyone imaginary investment results to gain their trust.

Rodents of Unusual Size
well that comes later but still, it's pretty fascinating how these guys operate without going to prison.

The green fella on the podium looked like some sort of space monster to me at first.

So I'm going to assume that being successful = being a space monster.
The term is Reptilian American you insensitive clod.

Robin Kestrel
Step one: get a small loan of one million dollars from your father.
I don't mind survivorship bias. That's because I'm a survivor. Maybe you other losers like losership bias better. Yeah, I bet.
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