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Tags:Jesus, MTV, metal, Lemmy, metallica
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Comment count is 15
Their new album's rubbish AND they cut their hair. Not, their new album's rubbish BECAUSE they cut their hair.

Jesus, Lemmy.
"Whatever fires you up is good."
- Jesus Lemmy
Also, Lemmy equating not getting trashed before a show to being in Auschwitz.

"Don't you drink at all before you go on stage?"
-Jesus Lemmy

No, you misunderstood me. The comma was in there for a reason, to indicate that "Jesus" was being used as an interjection, rather than as a proper name. Also, you're distorting what Mr Kilmister said. He did not equate "not getting trashed" to being in Auschwitz - he equated the backstage experience of (then) modern rock concerts to being in Auschwitz, and used the lack of getting trashed as a single illustrative example in support of his claim. In other words, his argument was not simply that no booze = Auschwitz (which would have been silly), but rather that no booze was a fact of life in Auschwitz, and one potential parallel out of many that he might draw.

And it was a fair point! Prisoners in Auschwitz were not allowed to drink alcohol, were they?

What I'd like to hear is the way he responded to Metallica only a few years later, during the Some Kind of Monster Era. I get why he'd try to whitewash (what given the context I guess is) Load-era Metallica, but Lemmy has really painted himself into a corner here. Between his friendship with Metallica and his friendship with partying, I strongly suspect that partying would win, and I'd hope Mr Lemmy would have the personal integrity to admit this in front of the lapdog rock press.

Two Jar Slave
Perhaps you meant that both Jesus and Lemmy said the same thing about Metallica's new album.

Jimmy Labatt
Needs a Jesus Lemmy tag

I split the difference.

I know why your comma was there, apostasy.

It's not apostasy. It can't be apostasy, because I never accepted Lemmy as my Lord and Savior, and I certainly never believed in in His inerrancy.

He talks big for just being a bass player.

He sings and he was the band's primary composer. It's an understandable mistake - most times, bassists aren't very useful in a band, being only slightly above drummers in terms of importance! Motorhead, however, was one of those odd situations where the natural hierarchy got turned on its head. See also: Primus (bassist singer), The Monkees (drummer singer), and Bone Thugs (MC singers)

Bass and drums are the most important thing in a rock band.

Two Jar Slave
Wasn't Sting also the bass player?

>> Bass and drums are the most important thing in a rock band.

Well, maybe in a *rock* band. Peasant instruments for peasant music and all that.

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