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Desc:A face only a mother could love.
Category:General Station
Tags:, poltergeist 2, Julian Beck
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 8
Jimmy Labatt
This character still scares the absolute shit out of me. According to the IMDB page Heather O'Rourke was so scared of him on first sight she burst into tears. His gaunt appearance was also in part due to the stomach cancer that killed him soon after filming.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Always thought it was a makeup job but damn it was cancer. Poor bastard.

Sanest Man Alive
Fuck, are there any Poltergeist movies where a principal cast member DIDN'T die horribly afterward?

In retrospect this movie was kind of terrible (and the storyline trying to clumsily negate the first movie didn't help), but damn if they didn't nail the perfect villain/actor combination with this guy.

(oh, and Giger's designs were kinda cool too, though not really used well)
This movie was terrible even without retrospect (maybe even worse than Poltergeist III), but Rev. Kane (who's kind of Bizarro Tall Man) and the tequila worm scene make it worthwhile.

I never actually realized Giger designed anything for it, might have to watch it again now.

Giger was hired to design the worm creature and the monster that the family meets in the "afterlife" or whatever. I can't remember what book has the designs, but I believe he was also asked to design some kind of multi-corpse monster thing that was supposed to have been found under the house, but never got into the film.

Movie music letting us know this is scary.
"Mister President..., sigh, Jimmy, if you go door to door, no one will vote for you this coming election."

"Oh nonsense, Henry, everyone loves me and I need to warn them about energy."
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