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Desc:Syndicated short cartoon often used as filler between shows. Theme later re-used for Sneak Previews.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:cartoon, animation, 1969, american history, Daniel Boone
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Three years later, Steve Krantz would go on to produce "Fritz the Cat"...he also produced "The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat", but no one likes to talk about that one.
Am I hearing the name of the gun correctly @42 seconds?

As in (I assume) it's so accurate you can hit a tick with it

Dick-licker would be a pretty good name for a gun, though.

"Friendly Indians lived near the farm, and from them Daniel learned Indian habits so well that many years later when he fought them, he knew all their tricks."

Daniel sounds like a real fucking two-faced asshole.
That theme reminds me that I haven't drunk myself into oblivion in a while.
They say Daniel Boone killed a bar.

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