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Desc:43,315,912 views
Category:Advertisements, Pets & Animals
Tags:no budget, georgia, SFW fetish, mermaids, new age music
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Comment count is 12
I wonder what the Dads had to do to get Special Thanks.

Anyways, 5 stars for lesbian coming out movies, or metaphors thereof.
Ostensibly it's a promotional video for a business.

That guy
How did she get trapped under that rock in the first fucking place?
How could this possibly have 40... oh.
What is with your obsession with views?

Or is that some other guy in the hopper...or you running both accounts?

Just ends up sounding like whining about your own videos not getting enough attention.

Hang on, I think SolRo's mainframe just burned out again... I kept telling maintenance that those Russian replacement parts weren't going to last long enough. Don't worry, I'll come down there and have the problem fixed in a minute.

I'm not sure what SolRo's talking about but I assume it's clear to everyone else that I specified the number of views to highlight just how many people masturbate to this kind of thing.

Sorry, Homie, while these sanctions are such a huge mess we can't get the RD-180 motors in stock, John McCain is a'gin it. Until that time we'll have to get used to sudden stalls and burnouts of these old NK-33's.

As clear as text sarcasm.

But since you never go into the hopper, you missed someone repeatedly submitting stupid videos and whining about how many people viewed them.

Well, it's not my best work, but he should hold together for now.

Yeah, I don't use the hopper nearly enough, I should.

I didn't pick up the sarcasm at all, oops!

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