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Desc:Promo video for a somehow successful Kickstarter. That IS the dialogue, you aren't having a stroke
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:King of Fighters, fan film, word salad
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Comment count is 14
Is that supposed to be cute fighting game Engrish that hasn't been around for over 15 years?
Monkey Napoleon
Heh, "Somehow"
Caminante Nocturno
No Athena?

Not interested.
Born in the RSR
No Leona?

Not interested.

No Iori? Not interested.

No Angel, yes Mai? Somewhat interested.

i can't become erect without the USA sports team

Kid Fenris
Wait, isn't that Angel in the preload?

Anyway, no Kasumi, Eiji, King, Leona, Iori, Shingo, Blue Mary, Duck King, Rock Howard, B. Jenet, Tizoc, or Khushnood Butt? Not interested.

It's Angel in the preload, but it's a deceptive preload. She does not appear in either the trailer or the Kickstarter page, and believe me, I checked.

I would also appreciate Blue Mary, May Lee, King, and Shermie, in that order. Mai by herself is interesting, but not as interest-piquing as it could be.

Maggot Brain
What? Were those words?
Yeah! Fatal Furry!


What are those, lemurs?

As I was typing that joke I noticed they weren't speaking human, then I saw the description. Whew.
Are those... are those the same person? The one on the right looks exactly like the one on the left, but with a wig on.

Five stars for the sad little confetti rain in the background.
Doc Victor
The best engrish I've seen in some time
Awesome star rated freak write tableau.
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