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Desc:'Yer gonna have to shoot me!' *BANG*
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:idiots, lasers, Oregon, LaVoy Finicum
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Comment count is 14
5 for the racists that support these guys also defending when cops shoot unarmed black people that aren't reaching for a gun, having to do a complete 180 to whine about this.
That's why I've gotten such a kick out of this story, and this audio makes it all the more satisfying. The way these fuckers were handled with kid gloves for weeks, and were able to walk away from the Nevada standoff is white priveledge to the max.
None of the victims of police violence who inspired the creation of the Black Lives Matter movment egged on the police with cries of, "GO AHEAD AND SHOOT ME!"

Had to keep telling myself I already knew they didn't waste the kids. Still seemed inevitable.

"Are they shooting him? They shot him! Oh my God! You assholes!"

Lady, you & your idiot "compatriots" engaged in lots of extremely violent and threatening rhetoric, initiated an armed standoff, charged a police roadblock, taunted the police to shoot you, and to top it all off, the asshole in question was reaching for his gun at the time. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?

Grrr. These people make me angry.

Their double standard vis-a-vis black resistance is just icing on the hypocritical cake.
They thought they were playing guns in the back yard or something; they seem to have no comprehension of the gravity of their self-created situation.

Yeah, it's jarring, it's like we're watching videos of two different events.

Maybe it's because I just woke up and am not thinking straight, but my initiial reaction upon seeing this was: the video from inside the car was produced later and synced up to the more famous helicopter footage, to make LaVoy and his passengers look less like nutjobs and more like average people being terrorized by the cops.

When I've woken up some I'll probably come up with a half dozen reasons why that's not likely, but that's what I'm feeling now.

The Mothership
If the supporters of the occupation think their video is supposed to vindicate their actions they are grossly mistaken. What a bunch of amateurs.
Many of them still insist he wasn't reaching for a gun, rather he was reaching for wounds. Those bastards, shot him right in the shoulder holster area!

Oscar Wildcat
He was reaching for his white privilege.

This is the extended version, with forensic analysis from the agencies involved.

I will now (cherry)pick from the comments, to spare you from having to lose brain cells:

"Obvious murder. You can kill men, women, and children, but you can't kill an idea. The belief in our Constitution is only growing, and every patriot that the government murders only causes that belief to grow wider, deeper, and stronger."


"RIP brother LaVoy, you will be missed! May God bless your family and comfort them ♡"

"Lies lies lies! And everyone of you that denies it should always travel alone."

"This investigation is a joke.... let us watch the cell phone videos"


"Why did the bald guy get all choked up and teary eyed? Maybe his conscience started to get the best of him? Lying to the world not as easy as he thought?"

(If you watch the video he actually caught himself laughing because he accidentally said "..all six shires.. [laughs], shots fired..")

"That actual video shows that the lethal force used was unjustifiable."


"I saw a man walking on 2 feet of snow which requires using "your arms" for balance. He had no gun in his hand which means they gunned down a non threat in the back no less. Thats cowardly. There is a land grab going on out west, cnn doesn't include this in their reports. "

"This will not stand ........................there will be justice for Mr Finnicum ."

"get an outside investagation"


"this is just like ruby ridge !!!!!"

"American hero, Lavoy Finicum, was fired upon the moment he left the truck, with his hands in the air for Christ sake!!! Look with your eyes. Your ears are hearing lies! Watch those video's with your heart. He was shot 9 times? Why????????????"

"can you smell what the bull shit is cooking"

And now my brain hurts. People are morons.


(forgot link)

Binro the Heretic
Geez, you come within inches of running over a cop and they get all pissy with you.
5 for the fucking peppy top 40 pop music they're listening to the whole time.
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