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Desc:100 grams of robots pulls 1800 kilograms of your peace of mind.
Category:Science & Technology, Pets & Animals
Tags:Robots, grand theft auto, microbots, we are all cars now
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Comment count is 13
Oscar Wildcat
Good news on the robopocalypse front: Boston Dynamics, having been stripped of it's researchers by the borg collective Google, is now on the public auction block! You can own, for what will likely go for a song, the patents to the Big Dog rapebot. For some mysterious reason Google didn't see a lot of future in it. Here you can profit from their lack of foresight into our glorious robotic rape dog future!
But can you own the prototype? That's what I'm after.

Oscar Wildcat
Usually that kind of stuff ends up at auction or in the dumpster. More likely the latter, as it's salvage.

videos stopped playing in Firefox...this is a recent development
I don't even get the embedded player at all as of this morning (also in Firefox).

Works fine for me, firefox + adbock plus

Firefox is playing the HELL out of videos for me.

works now, after NoScript released an update

It's kind of sneaky how they give you the weight of the car rather than the actual force those robots actually need to exert to move it (which would be a much less impressive and grantworthy sounding number).
In fact, it's kind of a tidy, self contained little object lesson in how grant based funding (I assume this video was made at least partially for grant proposal use) can subvert scientific objectivity.

Responding to this is the most futile thing I have ever done, and I already hate myself for doing it. Seriously, I am so fucking pissed at even bothering to look this up...

From the link in the video to the research this is a test of.

"We present a simple statistical model to predict the maximum pulling force available from robot teams. The expected performance is a function of interactions between each robot and the ground (e.g., whether running or walking). We confirm the model with experiments involving impulsive bristlebots, small walking and running hexapods, and ;text{g}; upmu$Tug that employ adhesion instead of friction. With attention to load sharing, each $upmu$Tug can operate at its individual limit so that a team of six pulls with forces exceeding 200 N."

Cut to the part where I wake up screaming as they're pulling me limb from limb.

Oscar Wildcat
200 N would be more of a pleasurable stretch than a medieval rending of flesh. I welcome these little pleasurebots and their slow and steady ways.

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