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Category:News & Politics, Trailers
Tags:donald trump, Anonymous
Submitted:That guy
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Comment count is 22
This right here is proof that "Anonymous" is not "All Anonymous".

Given that /pol/ has been stroking it hard and bloody about Trump for months now.
Sudan no1
The part of Anonymous that actually gets shit done are the non Americans and lefties.

Yeah, I've noticed that myself.

What year is it, again?
para tu

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Cool, they accept help from non hackers.
Weren't they going to destroy Scientology first?
The only thing "Anonymous" has destroyed lately is a big plate of chicken tendies, and the toilet in their moms basement.

We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. We will not Not Shower (because that would take away precious anime Tv-series binge-watching time)

That guy
^ Classic *****

I'm rooting for them even if it's dumb to do so.

I want to believe.

They didn't end Scientology, but they threw plenty of monkey wrenches into their operations.

I believe a lot of anon's hijinx with Scientology occurred under the hood. They definitely exposed a lot of the junk in a viral way. DDOS might not be the only metric for success.

I think their best work was bringing down the police station website in Steubenville after the sports star got a slap on his wrist for rape.
They can use these activities to trend topics on social media, which is never good for the victim.

Tough American Bouncer
I call bullshit on this one.
That guy
....as in, it's not actually Anonymous??
No, I checked around before I submitted.

Scat Guy were you or were you not an Occupy Protester

That guy
It looks like it was sweet bullshit.

They fooled me because they fooled cnet. I trusted them.

Hey guys, remember a couple years ago when Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA, equated Anonymous with Al-Qaeda, and implied that the authorities were going to be treating internet nerds and privacy-advocates as the next domestic terrorist group?


"War on Trump", huh? Sounds like a terrorist threat to me. Hopefully Trump's proposed libel laws will put a stop to this.
That guy
We're like *this* close to our country just having fucking had it.

I mean that at least two ways, I think. I don't even know anymore.

Donald Trump, opening the front door
"Whaaaaaaaaat? I didn't order a pizza!"
[Spike Lee zoom]

Newspaper spins into view, "Trump Defeated in Landslide"
I've got five hot and tasty stars here for a... Rafiki?

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