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Desc:A classic reenactment
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:shatner, rescue 911, potty, ACTING!, Toilet Expert
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Comment count is 13
"he called the only toilet expert he knew"
The last tag should be "toilet expert", and the next week should be toilet expert week.

This episode of Forensic Files totally has a toilet expert, but they call him an "forensic plumber". Not sure if it's really worth submitting but there are some funny clips of him contemplatively looking at a ruler he's stuck in a toilet.

people dying, drowning in toilets week.

Paging Dr. John Crapper.

"Young people crying."

I figured that during the reenactment, she would get stuck again, and they'd have to call 912.
When this sort of thing happens, just take the kid and the toilet out to the curb, it's time to get a new kid.

Also, is this the white people equivalent to John Henry?
Oscar Wildcat
Attentive POEtv viewers should recognize the solution to this problem from past experiments, as so.

A good sign that she has one too many kids.
See the mot hilarious call I ever got as a 911 dispatcher was "I know this isn't an emergency but my neighbor just stole my carton of black and milds!"

Dispatch is stressful. You live for calls like this so you can make jokes about them during the brief down time.
I can only imagine how much that job must suck overall.

The state I live in is closing down 2 of the 4 911 dispatch centers that operate now. It's a very rural state so they are doing a consolidation but it's ridiculous because not only are you piling on more calls to less dispatchers but you are also forcing those few that are left to understand all of the ins and outs of responders by region (for example, some may be "back road ready" some not, depending on the season and conditions).

"If you cry, the rats that live in the pipes will hear you and gnaw off your foot!"
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