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Category:Humor, Business
Tags:cats, PETA, video editing software
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Binro the Heretic
Peta couldn't tell that video was fake? If a cat touched anything that gave it an electrical shock, not only would it have not touched it again, it would have bolted from the room.
I'm pretty sure PETA just employs the Trump Kelly stratagem; is X popular? Attack X, with no validity, to gain XP and gold!
Binro the Heretic
No, they're just fucking crazy. I'd never heard of the "Bonsai Kittens" website until Peta called attention to it.

I think you are proving my point. Think of the other incidents...remember "super meat boy"?...shucks it seems like PETA just can't catch a break! They always spend lots of time publically countering stuff that is so obviously misinterpreted. Boy is PETA stupid. Geeze PETA why don't you just go and PETA a PETA over there andPETAPETAPETAPETA ...

I saw where it said PETA threatened to sue him, so I did a search for "PETA sue cat video" and got page after page of PETA being sued for kidnapping and murdering animals.
Stars for leading me to discover how inexpensive novelty phones of the 80s and 90s are right now.
While there is truth that certain people and groups will go out of their way just to be loudly offended by something just to appear to be fighting a worthy cause, there is the flip side of that and this is that in distilled form.
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