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Desc:chronicles the donalds strong unwavering conviction and gentle, zen-like demeanor and Rise
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:donald trump, hero, POTUS, Trump 2016, statesman
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Comment count is 4
Just don't kill anyone by driving while you drink your sorrows away for weeks after trump loses.
i dont drink

though after some consideration i am sensing some projection here and its not just coming off of the new epson home cinema currently beaming A Serious Man on a 20 ft home theater whiteboard.
it's coming off of you, SoL.

did i already mention your moniker bears a creepy resemblance to that of confirmed mutton chop, ponytail and murder advocate Stephen "Cosby & Cambria" Mcdaniel? in the words of the asian neighbor from A Serious Man this is VELLY twubling indeed.

here's a fantastic example of working class hardcore done right

it's Mother of Mercy's "III" in its entirety right here on W-ORCS

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