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Desc:Also CNBC anchors have interesting opinions on the economy.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:MSNBC, economics, bernie sanders, Gordon Gekko
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"Don't tell us what the people are feeling, just tell us what the market is feeling." - CNBC
Oscar Wildcat
So basically, it's time to dust off those tumbrels?
Égalité! Liberté! Apportez la vadrouille!

Oscar Wildcat
What I'm thinking, is that we make our killing off a tumbrel ride sharing app for your iphone.

That would be excellent. Discounts could be offered for "riding out of category" or "mixed passengers." That way people who don't mind mixing with Inquisition Identified Witches (IIWs), plague deaths, and oligarchs for the public guillotine can save some cash, while those preferring to ride with their own confederates and have the cash to spend can pamper themselves on their way from the Bastille/pub/protestant cellar/tower/dungeon/bath house.

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