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Desc:Game about racetrack horses personified as cute girls who are also lesbians and idols.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Trailers
Tags:Anime, Japan, WTF Japan, I have the weirdest boner, anthropomorphization
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Comment count is 37
anthro-idol-lesbians seems to be the current hot thing in Japan
Oh wow, by the logic of this, Black Friday at WalMart counts as the Kentucky Derby.
I initially had it as an "anime" in the description but I changed it to "game" because it seems to be from a game company, Cygames, Inc.


I don't know what kind of "game" this is, dating sim, visual novel, or maybe even horse racing. There isn't much information on the site yet.
apparently a variation on the idol training games.

Not much info, but Sankaku says it'll be a "social" game, meaning that, I presume, it'll be in the form of a mobile app or maybe a Web browser game.


If it proves to be popular, though, I'd guess an anime adaptation would be quite likely if not inevitable.

speaking of adaptations, have you had a chance to watch Your Lie in April?

Mobile CCG with horse-betting-sim style deathmatches, I'd guess.

SolRo: Nope, I haven't gotten around to it. The only new anime I've been watching lately is Dagashi Kashi and before that, Non Non Biyori Repeat, Himouto Umaru-chan, School Live, and Shimoneta (all summer 2015).

I highly recommend it. I didn't watch it in-season but it got so many good reviews and won real awards that I got curious. It's beautiful.

Shanghai Tippytap
yay no male characters to feel threatened by
No dating sim stars male characters, only disembodied ghost cocks.

Maggot Brain
They all have huge horse vaginas. Huge.
Spraying 2 gallons of urine on the floor with every coupling.

Holy crap, Japan is going to love this.

There is no sport more graceful than horse figure skating.
Why Not?: The Series
There is a really insane subset of anime devoted to justifying a fantasy where all women are fuckable domestic animals.

It uh... ain't Japan's proudest moment.
I prefer the fuckable machinery anime, it's much more classy.

Killer Joe
Remember when we were all horrified that Japan's hard-ass economic and technological power was going to overwhelm the USofA?
Trump remembers!

They overwhelmed us with anime instead. Much worse.

Torn between 1 because I know several of you are into this and 5 because I know several of you are into this.
You're very judgemental for an inflation fetishist.

nippon is so brave, unlike the west, they embrace horse fucking whereas we are simply content to imply it

perhaps we will learn someday *shakes head*
oh come on, i just found out that they're releasing this in the west without the original audio track, why cant they understand that i want to appreciate anime girl horse lesbianism from a cultural view that truly respects it

"Embrace"? You've got Japan back to front. All of the horses are human girls! That's pretty dang far down the censored/implied alley.

Hugo Gorilla
I've already played this game. I got the "broken leg" ending for Appaloosa-chan. You can guess what happened.

Dr. Lobotomy
Bukkake at the glue factory?

Caminante Nocturno
I've already picked out my favorite.

It's the one in the mask.
The nerdy one in the Hamburglar bandit mask, or the psychotic one in the surgery mask?

Caminante Nocturno
Yes. I mean neigh.

I like either the tawny one or the one with the grass in her mouth and the rope bows in her hair.

Definitely on my cosplay list.

The Mothership
Damn, it was only a matter of time.
Is this the Japanese adaptation of BoJack Horseman?
I remember there was a time when shit like this would baffle and appall me. Now I feel nothing. Five stars for that.
American Standard
Some of these horse girls have real ears and some have fake ears on a headband and I'm ashamed I've noticed but still wondering why.
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