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Desc:She died today.
Tags:Mother Angelica, religious television, sanctimonious scowl
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The Mothership
Listen, I'll be amongst the first to call foul on scandalous T.V preachers who ought to be first up against the wall for their trying to bilk old folks out of their grandchildren's college funds.....

... but this seems like a nice old lady who has a deep faith - one who would rap your knuckles till they bled - but one who did it cause it was for your own good and wanted to get along.

I don't hate her.
That's because she was Franciscan.

The Mothership
Dude Francis was the original Christian counter-culture cat!

On the other hand, I guess she had a side I wasn't aware of:

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/mother-angelica-pleads-for-p urging-of-other-terrorism-in-us

The Mothership
Yea, figures.

I used to see her on TV all the time in the 90s but somehow I'd got her mixed up with Sister Wendy Beckett, who's a whole different thing altogether and fortunately still alive.

Mother Angelica I don't know much about.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing us he wasn't Catholic.

It has been my experience that nuns generally are pretty awesome and actually give a fuck about people. They seem to take "serve those in need" seriously. Unlike the rest of the catholic system.

Mother Angelica was great. Her show was the ASMR of the 90s.

re: her comments on terrorism. I don't give much weight (if any) to appeals to terrorism, but to her credit, the good Mother is at least focusing her efforts sensibly, on "terrorism" she has both the means and the obligation to change - community problems perpetuated by regular people like you and me - rather than on some ill-defined, external threat over which the average citizen is told he is powerless - like scary foreigners who hate our freedom, don't watch TV, and by sheer coincidence were trained by the CIA.

My mom was a Benedictine oblate and part of a group called Pax Christi, which basically just tried to feed hungry people, save the environment, and stop all wars. They were constantly being attacked by conservative Catholics because of their soft stance toward abortion, so to suggest that Angelica represents the mainstream of nuns is a stretch. Catholics in America are actually pretty split about abortion almost right down the line.

Man, fuck this year.
On Easter Sunday, no less.
Maggot Brain
"March 2, 1999"

Anyone of these people could have stopped 9/11 but they did nothing.
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