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Category:Stunts, Fashion
Tags:cigarettes, smoking, SFW fetish, tobacco, driverrob73
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excuse me
Comment count is 6
Withholding stars until we hear from memedumpster.
I knew I was clicking the video link too eagerly and with too big a smile on my face for it not to be a trap! May as well get my comment out the way...

"Video submitter synergy!"

Anywho, I don't smoke tobacco anymore, though when I drank and played music in bars Camels were my brand. As for your other implied question, I'd have to see first if the scruff matches the stuff... knowatimsayin'?

Not a trap! You are poetv's resident connoisseur of gruff, manly rednecks who do uncivilized things with their bodies, so I knew you could give us an expert analysis.

If I want an opinion on Coast Guard stuff, I ask Cena. If I want an opinion on children, I ask Caminante. If I want an opinion on rugged men dipping and smoking - well, you know who I'd ask!

Since he passes muster, I shall give him a five.

I smoke 2 packs a day of Camel unfiltered. Glad to see I'm in good company.
life in the midwest is a fucking tragedy
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