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Desc:'this isn't a car, it's means of mobilization'
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:, law, vaping, Sovereign Citizen, travelling
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Sovereign vaper lel.
Sanest Man Alive
I know! The clothes, the voice... he's a near-blackout on my Punchability Bingo card.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Douche singularity.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
"Whats the mask for"
"Its just a political statement"

I wonder did he have one of those v is for vendetta masks!?
He reminds me of the rabbit that got suckered in Cool World.

"But... I won."

I know it was an accident, but the framing of the video is really pleasing. It's almost a Dali with the headless God by the sun and the warped foreground objects.
All of these come back to something like "this isn't me committing a crime, it's the corporate representation of me, by law, which is protected by maritime regulations to freely conduct business"
The police never brutalize the right people.
I'm just really perplexed by these people. I want to think that they're innocent victims of hucksterism, but the fact is, they fall for this scam because it's exactly what they want to hear: there is a magic phrasebook that allows you to do anything you want, whenever you want.

They're trying to do master morality hijinks within slave morality structure, and because they don't have a lexicon with which to engage with the power systems at play, they resort to gibberish Newspeak.
Two Jar Slave
I think some of them get into it because they're deep in debt and don't know what to do about it, and that's when hucksterism does come into play. I feel sorry for those ones.

And I can actually feel sorry for the generally belligerent antiestablishment bigmouths, like this guy, because they're obviously disillusioned with the spirit of their own society to the extent that, as you say, they're hoping for a magic phrasebook that will come along and let them feel like powerful agents within their own lives. It's no excuse to act like a jerkass, but I sorta get it.

Speaking of not having a lexicon, what does "they're trying to do master morality hijinks within slave morality structure" mean?

Nietzche proposed two distinct strains of morality: master morality and slave morality. Master morality believes that actions are justified by good consequences, slave morality believes that actions are justified by good intentions, if not necessarily consequences. Classically speaking, it had to do with ancient Roman pagan ethics as counter to Christian ethics, and that a master morality is alright with committing evil actions if they lead to good consequences, while a slave morality is not. Nietzche was railing against Christianity in general but as a conversational definition it works.

In short, they want to be able to do anything they want, because the consequences don't matter, but then they try to justify doing whatever they want by couching it in high minded Rousseauan Enlightment propaganda, which doesn't serve the points they're trying to make. If they were just frank about wanting special exceptions for themselves, it would at least be a legitimate, if hypocritical, demand. Instead, these are the same people who will then turn around and rail about how coddled Millenials are.

Spaceman Africa
I like the little GoPro conversation they have
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I love videos where people cops show enormous amounts of patience with utter morons. A nice counterbalance to the "cops show now patience at all with anyone, go absolutely bananas on some poor dude" videos.

"Guess He Can't" t-shirt means extra points.
Sovereign citizens at like cyst popping videos. Horrible, ugly, and I can't stop watching them.
Sanest Man Alive
Don't degrade cyst-popping vids like that. They're a far more productive use of time/energy for all parties involved, and have a much healthier resolution.

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