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Desc:From the album Chubby Checker refuses to talk about.
Category:Arts, Business
Tags:70s, awesome, europe, wtf, Chubby Checker
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Comment count is 15
Was looking for this record for a while. I kind of wish you hadn't reminded me about it.
Yeah, not about to spend 0 on it, that's for sure.

It was reissued on CD a while back. Will post rest of album later tonight.

That guy
Is there an interesting story that goes with this album, Rangoon, or am I supposed to shrug and make a fart noise like I just did after giving it a brief listen??

The Chubbster got together with Hendrix producer / known scam artist Ed Chalpin to produce an album of "hip" and "with-it" music. It was only released in Europe and was a massive flop.

There's an LP reissue too, but man I'd love an original. They're long gone as far as I know, though, collectors have known about this one for decades. The 80s reissue is only like 0.

I forget if he's the guy who did Electric Mud and the similar Howlin Wolf psych rock album for Cadet.

this article is germane and a riot

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/a-shoddy-jimi-hendrix-r ecord-19680120

That guy
Oh so this is the producer who makes me not want to listen to late Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, even though I've listened to the rest of their careers a million times??

Ok I'm on board with FIVE.

I don't think it's the same guy, but Electric Mud is great, maybe the best Rotary Connection album.

I only have The Howlin Wolf Album but looking at Discogs now it appears was a pretty good deal. It's also a pretty solid Rotary Connection record. It's just not much of a Howlin' Wolf record.

What the hell is this song about? Holy cow, almost 8 minutes!
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
A Spacemen 3 cover, I assume?
okay so i havent slept for about 36 hours, but i *really* enjoyed that.

fuck ed chalpin
It's not bad, I'd drive to it.
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