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Desc:I need a new coffee table...
Category:Religious, Business
Tags:Christian, bucket, table, Jim Bakker, RWW
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Still Born
Comment count is 10
Jim Bakker's still alive?

My inner snarky 15-year-old wants to build a hut out of those things.
Born in the RSR
The hell is that stuff anyway? Protein shake?

Killer Joe
Dehydrated camp meals in bulk that you can now buy at Sam's Club for a hundred bucks.
Which requires the assumption that in this particular end-days-scenario humanity will still be functioning at a level where survivors are still provided clean water and heating by the city.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I don't think someone with Tammy Faye's sense of style would have stood for this.
"I even have one stored under each custom tailored seat on my private jet!"
Monkey Napoleon
All things considered, if you're a kook who thinks the end of the world is coming and that stockpiling dehydrated chili is going to save you... you almost couldn't pick a better place to store it than your private jet.

That guy
I have to subtract one for Right Wing Watch bothering with this, and then playing their ominous music at the end of the food bucket video.
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