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Desc:The son of Creationist felon, Kent Hovind, has his own Creationist show for kids.
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:dr. dino, kent hovind, creationism, Passing the Torch, Like Felon Like Son
Submitted:Centennial Ostrich
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Comment count is 10
misterbuns - 2016-04-08
Kenneth Parcel's gig after 30 Rock.

It is un-fucking-canny.
misterbuns - 2016-04-08
this is pretty tedious, but i really suggest the ad @ 16:03
divinitycycle - 2016-04-09
I'm super glad I saw this commercial! Thanks for pointing it out, now I can search without seeing lies and half-truths!

EvilHomer - 2016-04-10
So basically, it's exactly like Google, only more honest and transparent about the sites it de-lists.

Binro the Heretic - 2016-04-08
Yeah, I grew up surrounded by assholes like this.
Accidie - 2016-04-08
We should make a kickstarter to swindle these people, because man it looks easy.
misterbuns - 2016-04-08

crasspm - 2016-04-09
Poor simple folk...

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2016-04-09
You know you're full of shit when even Pat Robertson calls you out on your BS
Redford - 2016-04-09
Man, imagine if the people at the HLC decided to charge the governments of earth for the scientific results they produced.
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