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Desc:Link to more info in comments
Category:Video Games, Business
Tags:prototype, fighting game, Neo-Geo
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Sudan no1
http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/showthread.php?265573-Lost-Neo-Geo-P rototype-FOUND-REVEALED-amp-RELEASED

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Herr Matthias
if there's one thing Neo-Geo needed, it was another fighting game
MacGyver Style Bomb
Law, Neutral, Chaos...

Was this meant to be an SMT tie-in?
Sanest Man Alive
Given the mage, thief and paladin characters, it's very likely it could've been a D&D fighter. Guessing here that it was scrapped when TSR decided to license to Capcom instead to make Tower of Doom and the far superior Shadow Over Mystara.

Bingo. I'd still have played an SNK fighter though.

Some of the characters look a little too reminiscent of characters from other properties. Like this one for example. See if you can guess what character from what other super popular fighting game series she resembles...


Still awesome find. I'd love to see it in action. Just like I'd love to see Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill in action, or Primal Rage 2 in action. Not because I think they would have been particularly good games, but just because I know they're out there and only a handful of human beings have ever witnessed them, and the fact that some individuals worked very hard on making them and I think it'd be cool if the world actually did get to see their work one day, albeit decades after the fact.
Kid Fenris
Among arcade games that never came out, I'd like to see Aquario. It's a 1993 side-scroller from the people who made the Wonder Boy/Monster World series, and it let you throw things around in super-charming style. One of the playable characters is a fat robot, and he balloons up when you chuck him at an enemy.

The president of Westone actually found most of Aquario's source code, but they haven't been able to restore it yet.

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