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Desc:pour yourself a cup of coffee and watch
Category:General Station
Tags:New York City, wendell, union square
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Comment count is 20
If NYPD got involved, at least one person would be dead.
Right? Folks dealing with folks, no one dies.

uh... it works both ways.

Wow. This channel is great.
yeah, there goes my afternoon.

Signs is a dick, though...

kid's got a death wish
Thanks Obama.
I hope for his sake he is on drugs.
People just flip out sometimes.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
The first group that grabbed him should have start pulling his pants down. If he's genuinely crazy he won't care but if he's faking it you got the hat back.
Bruno Mars: Street Performance Troll
What a magical place. There were sections of state st. here that used to be like this. Like here:
And library mall.
It's pretty much sanitized now, but hey, food carts!
Union square used to house every important 1-office, lesser publisher around. If you want to talk about hipsters, that's where Ginsberg's books were first published.

Giuliani tore it all down because we really needed a barnes and noble.

That link was supposed to be Elizabeth Link Peace Park on state and i belive gilman where tons of outsiders would gather daily. Artists, adddicts, skaters, homeless, oogles, bored people. Maybe I remember it through younger, more facinated eyes.

I guess I just like the spontaneity of a drum line coming out of nowhere and mixing it up like I remember similar stuff as a kid. Or a steel guitar guy. Or Art Paul Schlosser.

I dunno what hipsters are. I just consider it another uniform.

Union square i know nothing about but it looks interesting. If you have insight I'd like to hear about it!

Me me me!

Binro the Heretic
The kid needs to be put someplace safe or somebody's gonna fucking kill him.
There's an explanation interview:

I was guessing either mentally ill or spoiled trust fund performance artist. Looks like it was the latter.

What an ugly hat.
my immediate response was "we'll beat em up" cause I'm from Memphis and that town does not fool around. I'm sure he needs mental help but Wendell needs his hat back. Also dude is wearing capris, he's askin for it
Robin Kestrel
My immediate response was "well, beat em up" cause I'm from America.
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