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Desc:She's 100 (skip to interview at 1:15 or so)
Category:General Station
Tags:Today Show, beverly cleary, ramona quimby
Submitted:il fiore bel
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Comment count is 8
dairyqueenlatifah - 2016-04-19
Aww. How awesome is that? To live to see your work flourish that long and be enjoyed by that many generations of kids? Good for her.

I hope I'm that I'm half that mentally sound and well spoken at 100. Or 70.
Nominal - 2016-04-20
I loved her book about the witches turning that kid into a mouse!

Or the one with the annoying Super Fudge brother!
poorwill - 2016-04-20
pretending to not know things is fun and makes you cool

The New Meat - 2016-04-20
Boy, you sure put that beloved children's author in her place

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-04-20
Sadly I wasn't pretending to think that she had written HOMER PRICE. I think I must have believed this for almost years. I always thougght thought she was one of my favorites, but apparently I've never actually read anything by Beverly Cleary. On the plus side: HOMER PRICE, which was written by Robert McClosky, is just wonderful.

Clearly I'm pretty stupid to make a mistake like that, but I'd be a whole lot stupider if I hadn't had those Schoolastic books to read when I was growing up. It's been 50 years, and I can probably name a dozen of those pulpy, flimsy paperbacks, though maybe not the names of the authors. They sold for maybe a dollar fifty or something back in the early 70s. You'd order them from a brochure ,maybe once a month, and they'd deliver them to your classroom.

One Schoolastic book that left a huge impression on me was called "The Lion's Paw". It was an adventure story about a couple of orphans on the run. For some reason I don't think I ever finished it, but it was that moment when you realize that you're reading something at a higher level of sophistication, and that descriptions and characters are conveyed with a kind of artistry that you've never been aware of before, and it's real discovery. If I never finished that book, it may have been because I was reading passages over and over.

Thanks to the internet, not long ago I learned that THE LION'S PAW was written by Robb White, who also write the screenplay for William Castle's original HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL in 1959.

Jesus. Sorry about that. I'll bet that 100 year old Beverly Cleary doesn't ramble like this.

TheSupafly - 2016-04-20
I guess I was interested in the Saturday morning ABC movies made after her stories, but I never got around to watching them.
infinite zest - 2016-04-20
I grew up near Klickatat street. Much like Matt Groening there's a lot of street names for characters and locations I still like to hang out at. Never read any Cleary though because in grade school those books were "for girls." :(
F3AR - 2016-04-29
No Thanks.
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