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Desc:Uploaded by Born In the RSR
Tags:90s, Magic, innuendo, T&A, (point to schlong)
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Comment count is 12
TeenerTot - 2016-04-19
Only 1:30 in and....wtf?


"Do you like magic?"
"Uh, i dunno. I think magic's kinda..."
"Would you like to see a magic t-trick?"
Oscar Wildcat - 2016-04-19

Old_Zircon - 2016-04-19
YES, thank you for reminding me that Acewood is updating again.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-04-19
At about the 2:30 point I thought he was going to make a prison fifi.

Old_Zircon - 2016-04-19
Shouldn't surprise anyone that Seanbaby has covered this. I don't remember whether that's how I first heard of it or not, but what I DO remember is that when I finally tracked down a rip of it years ago (which took a lot longer than you'd think - months, although probably an average of maybe 2.5 minutes of actual searching in any given month) it had been uploaded by serious PUAs as a serious PUA resource.

http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-instructional-videos-no-one-coul d-possibly-find-useful/
Oscar Wildcat - 2016-04-19
It's still a vast improvement over his previous strategy, "Flirting with Maths"

TeenerTot - 2016-04-19
Maths are hotter than magic.

Born in the RSR - 2016-04-19
Larry is not a weirdo.
twinkieafternoon - 2016-04-19
Man, if only Gob Bluth were a real person, I'd die to know his opinion of this.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2016-04-19
What a slayer.
memedumpster - 2016-04-19
Will not be replacing dog attack in door joke with any of this at parties.
boner - 2016-04-19
^ I love all of you
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