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Desc:But his trolls live on. RIP big fella.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:brett keane, spikebravo, HappyCabbie, AgentofDoubt
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Nasheeds are amazing. It's a shame they're often put into the service of such awful causes.
Name one such awful cause.


I don't understand... what're you getting at?

Five stars because I now know the term for that kind of singing and I can more easily find it.

I too love it.

What's wrong with ISIS? They make cool music videos and they don't take no shit from our mortal enemies, Russia and Assad.

Sure, they used to be bad guys, but they did a face turn after the Iran-Syria oil storyline! They're not awful, just a little edgy and misunderstood.

Wait, America stopped being allies with Al Qaeda/Nusra? Last I heard they were scrubbed of sin and fighting for American values in Syria against the evil ISISlanders.

No wonder Russia stays stressed out over this, they don't know which terrorists aren't American allies on days ending in Y.

Born in the RSR
Get on the stream and let's watch a terrible Tom Clancy cyber thriller everybody!



sorry for the shameless spamming but I don't have front page rights.
Pervin' on kid-feet with the angels now.

I didn't follow Happy or the drama surrounding his buddies in the "Great Debate Community" (aside from Nick Bravo), but it's alternately touching and disturbing to see the great outpouring of love that Mr Cabbie has received from his internet friends.
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