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Desc:conner o'malley at donald trump rally in new york
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:new york, trump, 2016, conner omalley
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That guy - 2016-04-21
I want that next-level, philosophically robust, avant garde, full organic satirical youtube poop trolling.

This is bog-standard.
infinite zest - 2016-04-21
I dunno, the one at the porn convention was pretty funny..

Accidie - 2016-04-21
I mean, it's not awful. It just isn't remarkable, at all. It feels overproduced and contrived for what it was really trying to do.
I mean, I could spend all day watching background actors plead for attention on youtube, it's not why I'm here though.

decoy - 2016-04-23
I like his shtick but it's just all him, there's no reaction footage, no money shots. But props for the Travis Bickle homage.
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