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Desc:Just a cat video.
Category:Pets & Animals, General Station
Tags:cats, found footage, mountain lions
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Did one encroach on the other's growing plot?
and then, they fucked
They were just telling secrets!

Oscar Wildcat
These bad boys live in my neighborhood. I'm keen to spot one, and have seen some mysterious scat in the backyard, but no actual sighting yet. The coyotes are much more prominent, if only because of the racket they make when they come barrelling through.
I saw one of them up in central Maine about 10 years ago, maybe 15 yards from the car in broad daylight, just strolled out like nobody's business, walked on the shoulder of the dirt road we were on for about 30 seconds and then calmly walked into the woods. Absolutely no ambiguity about what it was.

Especially noteworthy because the US fish and wildlife official stance is that they've been extinct in the Northeast for over a century (the Canadian government and the not insignificant number of people who see them from time to time in New England do not agree).

Oscar Wildcat
Remarkable. Out here they are fairly plentiful, even the local grade school football team is named the Cougars (imagine a bunch of middle aged women with short haircuts and fashionable dress on the gridiron)

Was it a cougar, or another kind of wildcat? ( hey, we could be related! )

So big cats run around like idiots at night too.
Cats are cats. some are just too small to eat us so they pretend we're their mothers instead.

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