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Desc:The gaze of the man on the far right in the preview image says it all.
Tags:50s, beefcake, not gay, OH SWISH, British Pathe
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Comment count is 16
Needs the "OH SWISH" tag.
Good tag! I didn't know that one.

Incidentally, might I suggest adding the "NO WHAMMYS" tag to your 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T Hypnotic Duel video (linked through the OH SWISH tag)?

Actually, even better, just use the "Whammy" tag - it's less of a stretch and it has been sitting unlinked on the Press Your Luck Spin Battle clip since 2006.

blue vein steel
is "Hello sailor!" not a tag?

The Mothership
I've said it before, this is a great tag.

"Festival of Britain"
"South Bank"
The Festival of Britain was quite a thing. Jonathan Meades did an entire special about it's architectural influence 50 years on.

I just thought it was a swell nickname for a strapping young man.

Like Stew Pot.

Jet Bin Fever
I love the repressed undercurrent of homoeroticism in this. So dangerous and so charming. Morrissey probably adores this shit.
If this is repressed, I'd like to see what the out-in-the-open version would be like.

That guy
So would Dick Butkus.

(a note for our foreign friends: this 1960's American football player's name is pronounced as hilariously as you can imagine it, and no less)

Maggot Brain
I want to call them sissies but I know at lest a few of these gay-boys fought in WWII.

Except for Brian. Here we see the genesis of a whole gay sub-set, the gay French Sailor.
blue vein steel
I would absolutely wear Ian's "Festival of Britian" enable to the beach
The guy at 0:58 sitting in the middle, and his little smirk.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Even gayer than most English guys.
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