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Desc:Kylo Ren is so misunderstood, but mostly because of the electronic voice filter on his mask
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:dubbing, Auralnauts, The Force Awakens
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Still haven't seen this. When is the stoke guy going to review it?
There's not much for Mr. Plinkett to do. This movie is more or less a remake of the original Star Wars. I wasn't bored for a second, even though there are no surprises.

Just go watch it you jaded coward

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I watched it as soon as it came out on tpb. Its a really good star wars film!! ie. Its total garbage but *enjoyable* garbage for children or the feeble minded, put together with some artifice.

That guy
^ that sounds great

Yes you have, you have totally seen this movie.

You've seen it more than once, even.

RLM implied they were working on a review, so presumably sometime this year?

Sexy Duck Cop
It's really, really entertaining. Well-paced, likable characters, cool action sequences, a genuinely interesting villain.

So of course PoETV is going to call it "ie. Its total garbage but *enjoyable* garbage for children or the feeble minded, put together with some artifice." because what the fuck do you people enjoy besides mid-90's PC games?

Well, I'm partial to some mid-90's music.

Also, a couple mid-90's TV shows weren't bad.

Too many have joined the old hipster side and thus all new good things suck compared to good things from their loner teenage years. Also they're obsessed with Sanders.

I liked the movie, dipthongs.

I was on the fence until the Mark Hammill thing at the end.

Yet another example of a mediocre idea being saved by top-notch implementation. (See also: almost everything made by Weird Al)
Sexy Duck Cop

*Stannis giggles, then playfully hops away*
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